CTL Panel With Control Desk Assembly Make Inductotech


CTL Panel With Control Desk Assembly


Technical Description 

  1. Panel 2 Way 2 Door-1 Nos. Make ITAPL.
  2. Control Desk – 1Nos. Make ITAPL
  3. Main Incomer 125 TP with ROH and Spreader Make L&T – 1set
  4. Motion Controller with all library – 1 Set make Schneider/ABB.
  5. HMI 7” -1Nos. Make Schneider/ABB
  6. SMPS Make MW/Delta.-1 Nos
  7. Leveler Drive 25hp – 1nos. Make abb
  8. Pinch Roll Drive10hp– 1nos. Make ABB/ Schneider
  9. Shear Motor Drive15 hp– 1nos. Make ABB/ Schneider
  10. Run Out Table Drive3hp– 1nos. Make ABB/ Schneider
  11. Chokes and Fuses for Drive Protection as per Drives
  12. Starter For Hydraulic 15HP -1 Set
  13. Multifunction Meter – 1nos.
  14. R Y B indication – 1Set
  15. Cooling Fan with Lower &Filter–2Set
  16. All Push Button and Indicator Make Schneider.